Thursday, December 08, 2016

Happy Birthday, James Thurber

From THE YEARS WITH ROSS by James Thurber (1894-1961):

"It was [E.B.] White who got the mad impetuous idea that my scrawls should be published, and, what is more, paid for with money. I didn't think he could make it. It is true that, a dozen years earlier, I had filled up a lot of space with dogs and an improbable species of human being in the Ohio State Sun-Dial, but I was its editor-in-chief then (one of my predecessors was Gardner Rea, a New Yorker artist since its first issue), and nothing could be done to stop me. Some of the Sun-Dial drawings were about the same as those I had done when I was seven and the ones I did for the New Yorker, but others were elaborate arrangements of solid black and cross-hatching. When White caught me trying the same style again one day, he spoke a sound word of warning that has gained a small deserved fame: 'Don't do that. If you ever got good, you'd be mediocre.'"

Copyright 2001 by Rosemary Thurber.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

My Studio 2016

Well, one corner of it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Dick Buchanan: Color Magazine Gag Cartoons 1945 - 1961

Here is friend-of-the-blog Dick Buchanan, straight from his Greenwich Village archives of great gag cartoons. My thanks for finding, scanning and sharing these! Here's Dick:

Here's a neat bunch of gag cartoons in color dating from 1945 to 1961. Some great work by a few of the better gag cartoonists of the era.

MARTHA BLANCHARD. A weak gag but a neat piece of cartooning by Ms Blanchard. The Saturday Evening Post,1950’s

GEORGE CRENSHAW. Crenshaw’s Disney animator past is obvious here. Collier’s. December 23, 1950

GLEN BERNHARDT. Collier’s, February 7, 1953

ROY L. FOX. The Saturday Evening Post, 1960’s

DAVID HUFFINE. American Magazine, April,1955

HANK KETCHAM. Ketcham always delivers. Collier’s, June 17, 1948

JERRY MARCUS. Collier’s. May 13, 1950

KATE OSANN. May 13, 1950

LARRY REYNOLDS. Collier’s December 14, 1946

IRVING ROIR. Roir was the Roth brother whose signature was seldom legible. A fine cartoonist. Esquire. August,1945

BARBARA SHERMUND. In the late 1940’s and early’50’s Ms Shermund’s iconic cartoons were a mainstay of The Pictorial Revue, a weekly newspaper supplement. The Pictorial Revue. July 18, 1948

SALO ROTH. Salo Roth was another of the cartooning Roth brothers. Collier’s. December 10, 1949

FRITZ WILKINSON. Collier’s. December 14, 1946

JOE ZEIS. The Saturday Evening Post. June 17,1961

Monday, December 05, 2016

True Story: Overheard in a Thrift Shop

Drew this up for you guys today.

True story: I overheard this conversation between a daughter and her mother in a Windham, Maine second-hand shop this weekend.

The mom's deadpan responses were great. She could do standup. The daughter was unfazed.

Did she get the record player and records?

I have no idea! I left before I saw the outcome. Then, when I went home and Googled that Bambi album for reference in the last panel, I see it's going for $90 on eBay. So ...maybe the kid was on to something!

Friday, December 02, 2016

"Vermeer of the Borscht Belt" Support This Documentary About Illustrator Drew Friedman

If you know the Internet (and I know you do), then you know that the Kickstarter site is around and it's a great platform for crowsourcing support for worthy projects. Case in point: the proposed "Vermeer of the Borscht Belt" film of Drew Friedman. Please consider giving money to help seed this documentary about the life of this wonderful illustrator and, may I add, very nice fellow. This is a once in a lifetime chance to be able to see Drew working and hear him talk about why he draws what he draws.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Dick Buchanan: Winter/Christmas/Holiday Gag Cartoons 1940s-60s

Hey, happy December 1st. And here is the first gift of the season: a batch of holiday-themed cartoons from my friend Dick Buchanan. He's found them and scanned them and now, here they are: seventeen little gag cartoon gems that may not have seen the light in decades. 

Thanks so much, Dick!

GEORGE BOOTH. In 1953 Booth did monthly spot illustrations for the American Legion Magazine’s “Parting Shots” humor page. American Legion Magazine, December,1953

PHIL INTERLANDI. Look Magazine, December 14, 1963

BEN ROTH. Ben was the elder of the four cartooning Roth brothers--Al Ross,
Irv Roir and Salo Roth. American Magazine, January, 1944

CHARLES PEARSON. The Saturday Evening Post, 1950’s.

DICK ERICSON. American Legion Magazine, December, 1952

ROBERT DAY. American Legion. December, 1953.

JAN & STAN BERENSTAIN. The Saturday Evening Post, 1950’s

VIRGIL PARTCH. True Magazine, December 1949

JEFF KEATE. American Magazine, January,1950.

ELDON DEDINI. Look Magazine, December 24, 1959

CHON DAY. The Saturday Evening Post, 1960’s

TOM HENDERSON. Then as Now Dept: Tom Henderson depicts the fate that befalls many a traveling relative during the holidays. American Legion Magazine, March,1953

BARNEY TOBEY. The Saturday Evening Post, 1950’s

FRITZ WILKINSON. The Saturday Evening Post,1950’s

TOM HUDSON. Did Hudson’s artificial snow seller spawn the waif hawking real snow by Charles Addams? (New Yorker, Jan 1, 1974) From Collier’s, December 21,1946

BARNEY TOBEY. Mr. Tobey again, confirming many suspicions. Look Magazine, December 24, 1959

JOSEPH MIRACHI. Look Magazine, December 31, 1963

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

J.W. Taylor Cartoons 1943 - 1974

Here is a selection of cartoons from one of my favorite Punch magazine cartoonists, J.W. Taylor. I'm grateful to Dick Buchanan for pulling these cartoons which represent Taylor's career span.

"Quite a span with both the earliest and latest being wash drawings. Not usual for Punch or Taylor." adds Dick.

True. Most of the cartoons have Taylor's bold line. You can see how he boils visuals down to their essence. And he's a funny cartoonist too.

Thanks very much, Dick!

More J.W. Taylor cartoons here.